Peter Marshall

DevRel practitioner and leader


"an amazing presenter, incredible in front of customers"

"his breadth and depth of knowledge are outstanding,
his ability to communicate at all levels is impressive."


After gaining a uniquely peculiar BA in Theology and Computer Studies, Peter continued to learn from inspiring mentors what it meant to have a customer real focus, whether on a helpdesk, managing a development team, or delivering high-stakes infrastructure services. 


Following the dream of digital transformation in government, Peter went on to create user-focused intranets, information portals, MDM, EDRM, and CRM services.  He learned the need for negotiation and how to build effective business capabilities as a trainer, planner, and engineer.


As an architect and service designer, Peter continued to build bridges between people and technology - this time at the heart of UK national infrastructure.  Working across line-of-business and digital services, his long-running fascination with all things data opened a new door...


First a sales engineer and now director of developer relations in open source technology, Peter is now at the cutting edge of data technology.  He helps people unlock creative and expert thinking in organisations, and remains passionate about nurturing people and building bridges.

"a fantastic, thought provoking, creative, trusting leader"